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Dear valued clients.

 Please do not bring unnecessary personal items such as coats, sweaters, purses, hats into your appointment.

* Please bring your own mask with you to your appointment.

* Please wait outside ion your car until the time of your appointment

* Please come to your appointment alone.

* Please use the washroom before you come to your appointment ( available for emergencies only)

* if you have traveled out of province or been in contact with someone who is unwell or if you are feeling at all unwell please re-book your appointment.

* NHPC has provided a questionnaire that you'll will need to complete before every massage

This helps us decide if it's safe to proceed.

If your answers show that you may be sick or at risk, you must reschedule your appointment—even if you've already arrived. To avoid disappointment and frustration, I suggest reviewing the questionnaire before you leave for your appointment (especially the temperature question)!

Though my cancellation policy will be lenient, please give as much notice as you can if you need to reschedule. And rest assured that if I need to cancel because I'm not feeling well, I will give as much notice as I can.


Our Therapists

A little about our therapists

 Krystal Cowie RMT

Massage therapy, Prenatal massage, Hot stone, Deep tissue Hot stone, Craniosacral

Since  graduating in 2005, Krystal has taken several courses on body wraps,  hot stone therapy, Sports

Massage as well as pregnancy massage. She has  always had an intense interest in working with athletes of all kinds; as  well as a keen interest in natural health and the benefits of massage.  While Massage Therapy is her passion, she is always looking to further  her education to benefit her treatments and hopes to work towards a  degree in Kinesiology. Krystal has just recently finished her  CranioSacral Therapy course, as well as Craniosacral for work on TMJ  conditions.  She is planning to futher her studies in Advanced  Craniosacral Therapy as well as Somatic Emotional Release 1 and 2.  Krystal has also taken a course in the Assessment and Treatment of  repetitive strain injuries to the shoulder.

Krystal has recently taken a deep tissue Hot stone massage therapy course, and plans to take Rattan Therapy this year as well.




About Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is one of the oldest  methods of healing, as the practice of therapeutic massage can be traced  back nearly 4,000 years. Statistics from both Health Canada 1 and the American Massage Therapy Association 2 show that millions of North Americans use it today.

Massage  therapy refers to a comprehensive health management strategy focusing  on the application of various techniques to positively affect the soft  tissues and joints of the body. Massage techniques most commonly include  pressure and compression, kneading, frictioning, and mobilizing to  improve the health and condition of the muscles, tendons, skin, fascia  or connective tissue of the body.

Today massage is thought of as a holistic therapy that complements medical treatment. The "Physician's Guide to Therapeutic Massage"  shows that massage can decrease pain, improve range of motion, improve  mood, aid in the circulation of blood and lymph flow, reduce muscle and  joint soreness, and improve sleep.

1  Health Canada (2003)Health Policy Research Bulletin. Retrieved May 10,  2005, from  http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/iacb-dgiac/arad-draa/english/rmdd/bulletin/mainstream.html#page6
2 American Massage Therapy Association. (2001). Massage Therapy Consumer Fact Sheet

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Appointment Policy



Late Arrivals

Please arrive for your appointment on time. Arriving late will rob  you of those precious minutes of your treatment time. Late arrivals are  subject to the full cost of the appointment as booked.

Missed Appointments

When you book an appointment with us, that time is set aside for you -  and ONLY you. We never double book and we will be ready for you when  you arrive. In return, we ask that you keep your promise to us and show  up for your appointment on time.
Please understand that missed appointments prevent us from catering to other clients.
That said, our policy is simple. If you do not show up for your  scheduled appointment, and you have not notified us at least 24 hours in  advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the treatment as  booked.


In the event that you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment  with us, please contact us by phone at least 24 hours prior to your  appointment. If you do not reach us, please leave a message on our  voice-mail system. If we do not hear from you within this time frame,  and you do not keep your appointment, the above policy will be applied.
Note:  We recognize that no one is perfect and there are circumstances that  are out of your control (sudden illness, family emergencies, etc.) and  so your therapist may make an exception to the above policies on those  rare occasions.


Privacy Policy


Respecting your privacy is important to us; We are committed to  safeguarding your privacy online.We have posted this privacy policy to  help you understand how your personal information will be treated when  you use our services. This policy may change from time to time, so  please check back periodically.  

Information collected via this website is limited to what we need to  provide you with the best possible service available anywhere. It will  not be sold, or rented to any individual, group, corporation or agency.  Release of your information occurs only when we have your consent; or  when it is required to deliver a requested service to you; or where we  am required or permitted to do so by law.

Information Automatically collected

Like other websites, this one automatically gathers anonymous  information about you such as your Internet address, the date and the  time you visited the site, and the pages you viewed. This information is  collected specifically to better understand how the website is being  used and to improve its effectiveness.

Email Address and contact information

When you send us e-mail or when you request an appointment with  us, we acquire your email address. We use your email address to  acknowledge your appointment request and/or reply to your questions,  and we may store your communication and our reply in order to provide  you with a high level of client support.  

We may also use contact information collected on this website to contact  and correspond with you regarding the services that you requested and  other related services we may offer.

Booking Services

When you book appointments through our website, we collect and store  information about you necessary to complete your booking and to  ultimately provide you with the requested services.

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As part of our ongoing effort to personalize our services and to make  your experience with us an enjoyable one, we may use cookies to store  and retrieve information about you and your usage of our website.  Cookies help us see which parts of the site are most popular and which  are least popular, allowing us to identify areas of the site that may  need attention - ultimately translating into better service for you.  

Protecting Information

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from our  website and stored on your computer's hard drive. The use of cookies is  an 

We protect your information with appropriate safeguards and security  measures andweI retain your information only for the time it is required  for the stated purposes. Only those involved in processing data have  access to this information.

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If you are new to massage therapy, we understand that you might have  some questions. We are confident that we have the answers to your  inquiries.

Below are the answers to the questions that are most commonly asked  about massage therapy treatment. Should you have additional questions  please feel free to contact us.


How will massage therapy benefit me?


With professional massage therapy you can experience relief from  muscular tension and pain, receive increased range of motion and a  reduction of mental stress levels. Massage is a natural healing process  that can deliver both physical and emotional benefits.

Treatments are specifically tailored to meet your needs.


How often will I need treatments?


Your body can let you know. Some people require only a few  sessions to treat a specific problem, while others become regular users  of massage therapy as both proactive and preventative healthcare.  Massage can help maintain good muscle tone, flexibility, and help  correct muscular injuries.


How old does a person need to be to receive massage therapy?


Any age. Massage therapy treatments are effective from birth until palliative care stages.


Which regions of my body get massaged?


The therapist will ask you what you want to get out of the  session. You will also be asked to describe any chronic problems that  you are experiencing. This will determine the appropriate regions of  your body that need attention. A typical full-body massage involves your  back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, and hands.


Will I experience muscle soreness following a massage therapy treatment?


Most people report feel very relaxed, and often experience  significant relief from aches, pains and stress after a massage session.  However some people, especially those who require deep-tissue massage,  experience mild muscle soreness which may last a day or two. Once the  soreness is gone, they often notice heightened energy levels and an  increased range of motion.


I'm not sure I'm comfortable with a stranger touching me.


It is not uncommon for first-time clients to be apprehensive with  the personal nature of massage therapy. Most clients lose this  apprehension within the first few minutes of treatment. Massage  therapists are trained professionals who respect your feelings and go  out of their way to allow you to feel comfortable.


Do I have to take off all of my clothes?


One of the keys to the success of a your massage therapy session  is your ability to relax and feel comfortable. Therefore, the decision  is yours; remove only the articles of clothing that you are comfortable  with removing. Traditional full-body massage treatments work  best administered directly, without the barrier of clothing on the areas  massaged. During a session you will be fully covered with a table  sheet/blanket, only the area of your body that is being worked on is  uncovered.  Before and after the session, you will undress and dress in  complete privacy.


Will my extended healthcare plan cover the costs of massage therapy treatments?


Yes. Most extended healthcare plans include massage therapy and  some even have on-line billing. Some plans ask you to first receive a  physician's referral. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to  help you determine your plan's coverage.


Do you offer massage gift certificates?


Yes we do! A therapeutic massage is a great way to show someone  how much you care. Please call the office at 569-3565 for information  regarding gift certificates.



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